Historical Biblical Christian Doctrine vs Presuppositional Statemental Doctrine

Note: the Basic Christian Ministry follows and instructs in the Historical Biblical Christian pattern – following the actual Divine and human events that Christianity is a direct product of i.e. creation, original sin, Heaven, hell,  the virgin birth of Jesus Christ, the earthly Ministry of Jesus, the Holy Week events and ministry of Jesus,...

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Counting the 49 Days after Holy Week until John MacArthur’s Calvinism offers Christian Salvation

Countdown to Pentecost 2013 and the Extra Days needed after Holy Week until John MacArthur’s Calvinistic teachings provide for individual Salvation and the Start of the Christian Church Reminder: after Holy Week’s Resurrection Sunday (Easter Sunday – the start of the Christian Church) we are going to do another countdown here at The-Jesus-Realm.com this...

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Movie Review-Repost of “Cool Hand Luke” (1967)

Originally Posted in 2011 about July – August at BasicChristian.org by David Anson Brown Update 2011: The Basic Christian Ministry still has more material to post and I would like to detour from the 8 Kingdoms/History Study and re-examine Doctrines and Theology particularly; Redemption, Salvation, Baptism, Born-Again, Once Saved Always Saved, Etc. – But...

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