Christian Community Devotional

 Updated for 2014 Available Now The Christian Community Devotional A Daily Devotional for the Congregational Church Fellowship Style Accentuating the Congregational Church model of Christian fellowship equality, the individual believers (royal) priesthood, individual righteousness and holiness maturity, the current Kingdom of Jesus Christ and His Millennial Age Reign to come and the present...

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blog Update

Update 9-8-2013: on Facebook I posted this Article link The Truth About SBC Voices Friends, read this article quickly as it will likely disappear soon. There is only one reason this got published; namely, Dave Miller doesn’t know much about computers. Due to a massive oversight I…. and from another blog site this excellent...

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Update – August 2013

Greetings! Currently the Basic Christian Ministry is continuing to do more of the work offline, in improving and upgrading the existing ministry resources and files. Many of the files have been updated and improved but all could use some more improvement though it’s uncertain just how much more each project will be improved. The best plan would...

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